The songwriter Hamutal Ben Zeev and the singer Adi Lavy

In a joint performance

Accompanied by a musical ensemble
With the famous loved Israeli songs and the stories behind

Magical evening full of music, joy and light

Hamutal Ben Zeev
Songwriter and playwright, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for songwriting 2007.
Her famous songs include:
"Latet", "Amen", "Oleh Oleh", "Shuvi Layam", "Ish Yakar Sheli"
"Shir Lashirim" "Kol Ma Shekadam," and "Mukeret Li Mipaam"




Adi Lavy
A unique singer and creator. Lead singer of the popular band Gaya, a graduate of Rimon School.
Performed in children's musicals, concerts and produced a performance of her songs

The show features the best of over 30 years of Hamutal's creations
Magical evening full of music, joy and light
That connects the hearts to Israel and its roots


"Want to thank you for the wonderful evening and a great show." Look at the light" is a special, exciting show that leaves you wanting more…you are wonderful together!!!! Margalit Banjio.

"We were excited, it was amazing! Wonderful songs of Hamutal get real touching treatment through the singing of Adi and the new musical arrangements. And everything is like in your living room at home...Highly recommended! "Rina Kidron.

"I arrived last night at a joint concert with Hamutal Ben Zeev and Adi Lavi

And what a surprise it was!!! Blend of amazing songs of Hamutal, new arrangements and Adi's excellent performance - was simply fascinating!! Could not move from my chair...Thank you! "Lital Hajbi

"In three words: Bravo, wow, amazing!" Izik Hankin



Musical Director and Keyboards: Kobi Naim | Percussion: Shlomo Deshet | Electric Guitar: Zach Agassi | Classical and Acoustic Guitar: Bar Chakim

"Look at the Light"